Welcome to Alberta's PAR program.

On a five-year cycle, every Alberta physician in active practice is required to complete a Physician Achievement Review (PAR) as a continuing competence activity. It's a checkup for medical practice.

PAR is about quality improvement.

Through PAR, physicians gain feedback that helps them improve the quality of their individual practice, and also fosters a culture of quality improvement in the medical profession in Alberta.

PAR is for every Alberta physician.

PAR is customized for different types of practice. Whether you're a GP, a medical specialist, a surgeon or a radiologist, PAR will give you insights into your practice that will help you identify potential improvements.

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How PAR works

1Gain insight into the PAR process and scoring, and view sample questionnaires and a sample report. More →


Before you begin

2 Make sure you have all the information you need before you click the button to enter the secure PAR portal. More →

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After Your PAR

3Tips to help you interpret your PAR results and develop an action plan. More →

Ready? Click the button to enter the secure PAR portal. You will need your PAR User ID and PIN (included in the PAR package mailed to you when your PAR is due).